100mbps Everywhere: Fast speed with Google WiFi

After many dilemma on trying to resolve WiFi dead spots throughout the home as well as whether to invest in a new equipment, and basically getting rid perfectly good networking equipment, I finally decided to get Google WiFi.

As a background, my ISP have an output of 100mbps on the modem, which in theory should get me 100mbps speed for my devices.  In the previous setup, 100mbps only possible in the same room as where the wireless router is located.  The further away from the router, the speed decline significantly.  By the time I reach upstairs, the speed is less than 10% of what it should be.  In another word, the old setup is just simply does not work.  Wasted speed due to walls and distance from the main router.

With the new Google WiFi with mesh technology, we spread out the 3 units across the home, two downstairs, and one upstairs.  The results is 100mbps+ on every corner of the house.

At this point, I’m pretty impressed with the speed and reliability of the WiFi connection.  Read also my impression on parental control on this Google WiFi device.

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