Parental Control with Google Wifi

Managing and teaching children nowadays is not an easy task.  Electronic devices are the first thing they reach out the minute they wake up.  It is very hard to get them away from the electronic devices.  Often times, they forget about the time and  children are easily glued to electronic devices.
The questions remain how do we help the children to manage their time wisely, how do we limit their screen time without a lot of confrontation and finally how do we protect the children from things in the internet not suitable for their view.
Google WiFi - Family WiFi screen
Google WiFi – Family WiFi screen

Recently I purchased Google WiFi.  A mesh router system that helped me solve the dead zone in my home.

The following are some of the more reasons why I bought Google WiFi.
1) Easy to use app.  All of the setup, management and and network monitoring are thru the app.
2) Family Wi-Fi – ability to pause devices within the group with one touch, create schedules for devices to internet
3) Site blocking – one touch parental control to protect from unsafe websites
Now the children are fully aware of the schedules implemented.  They know when to play, and when not to play.  Further, they also aware that their parents have the ability to turn on and to turn off the internet access very easily.  They tend to obey and listen to what we ask.  Most importantly it’s easier for the parents to sleep at night as the children are protected from the unsafe sites.

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