To upgrade or not to upgrade

As the struggle continues to eliminate dead-spots in our home, a question comes to mind whether to continue spend incremental investment on the current system or to invest on something totally brand new.

The current system is referring to a modem connected to a wireless router, the router then connected by wire and then to a switch, another connection over power line, and finally connection with wireless bridge.  The goal is to have more access points throughout the house.  As much as it sounds good, it’s also bad.  It is bad because as a device is roaming throughout the house, wireless connection have to be adjust continuously to connect to the nearest access point.  It is bad, as I further my investments on smart door bell, smart switches and IP cameras, serious delays occur.  It is also a headache when there’s a hiccups in the system.  When one of the device become malfunction debugging process is full of hassle and time consuming.  Process of elimination is required to find out if the device or the bridge or if the main router is malfunction.

GoogleWiFi - Mesh networking
GoogleWiFi – Mesh networking

The new system is referring to a mesh networking, such as Google WiFi.  If the decision is to purchase a new system it means few things:  Retiring all of the network devices, including TP Link AC 1200,  TRENDnet TPL-406E2K Powerline 500 AV Nano Adapter Kit, NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi Range Extender.  It means foregoing these devices collected throughout the year, which also probably worth about $300 altogether.  It also means spending about $300 for a new system, a solution that is not cheap.

What are some of the benefits on investing on a mesh network such as Google WiFi?

  • One SSID throughout the network – no more switching wifi as the device roam the house.
  • Fast connection throughout the house, elimination of dead spots.
  • Simple connection – no more managing multiple network devices.
  • Site blocking and parental control.
  • A smart phone app to control and change settings anywhere in the world.
  • Easily eliminate dead spots for homes up to 3000 sqft

To upgrade or not to upgrade?


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